TV Series Review: SUPERNATURAL – Season 7 (2011)

Shah Shahid

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  1. tralalavelling says:

    I agreed with you. I hope the new showrunner got a new trick up his sleeve.

  1. February 2, 2014

    […] it was the first show that blended the humor with the serious that we’re all used to now. SUPERNATURAL is an amazing show for the chemistry between the lead characters, and the over the top hilarity […]

  2. October 17, 2014

    […] An emotionally draining episode, “Possession” was intensely shocking and stunning with constant visuals of a torn down Eva Green being progressively and painfully possessed by some… force. More confusion this episode though, as this force at one point even possesses Chandler to communicate with Vanessa, proclaiming his desire for her to be his queen and the mother of all evil. I still can’t understand if this force is Amun-Ra or, as Vanessa herself implied, Lucifer or the Devil himself. The connection to vampires is also unclear, unless otherwise explained as being evil creatures, therefore in the domain of the Devil? The end of the episode also raises many questions about Chandler’s origins, because…. well how the fuck does he know how to do an exorcism?! The scene itself was very well done scene that puts to shame other verbal exorcisms sequences. Suck on that Winchesters! […]

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