TV Review: GAME OF THRONES (Season 6 Episode 9) – ‘Battle Of The Bastards’

Shah Shahid

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  1. Little_Birds says:

    I felt the exact opposite, last 2 episodes were the worst of the season for me (except maybe the first one because.. Dorne).
    We went from a thoughtful, subtle, morally-ambiguous, trope subverting story to a LOTR-style Manichean, cliched mess full of cheap, emotionally bland, shocking scenes.
    Arya and Riverrun were awful last week.
    The battle in the north was awful this week.
    That’s not the standards GoT has gotten us used to, they never (re)introduced characters only for them to be killed of (without any emotional attachment) before Hardhome last season.
    Since then it has become the norm (Osha, Brother Ray, Rickon, Shaggydog, Smalljon Umber).
    It seems, sadly, that there is a direct inverted correlation between the budget and the standards of writing.

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