TV Review: GAME OF THRONES (Season 6 Episode 8) – ‘No One’

Shah Shahid

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5 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m on board for a Brotherhood without Banners spin-off. Why did The Waif turn into Robert Patrick from Terminator 2 during that chase sequence? The Faceless Men are assassins, not murder robots! Also, thank goodness Dany’s back in Mereen, because I’m not sure I could take another of those awfully written scenes between Tyrion, Missandei, and Grey Worm.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      OMG yes! I didn’t even think about that. That or a prequel with young Ned & Robert taking on the Mad King.
      I didn’t know you were a GoT fan! And yea… I made that exact comment during the chase. It felt very ‘Terminator’ / ‘Bourne Identity’.
      I’m not a fan of Dany’s back and forth of re-take Iron Throne, get distracted by something, solve it, create another problem, Iron Throne again now, and so on. She’s basically the Frodo of this saga. But it’s almost as if the characters, writers and audience all breathed a sigh of relief when she returned because those talky scene with Tyrion… wtf?!

  2. abbiosbiston says:

    I loved The Waif chasing Arya.

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