Trailer Talk: THE ESCAPE PLAN (2013)

Shah Shahid

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  1. ruth says:

    Hi Shah! I just saw this trailer in front of RED 2 last week and I must admit this looks preposterous but then again it’s Sly + Arnie so what do you expect, ahah. I’m curious to see Jim Caviezel in a villainous role though, so who knows, this could be fun 😀

    • Shah Shahid says:

      I don’t know the screentime Caviezel has in this, given how the Trailer makes it look. I love the guy, but he’s gotta pick better movies. He’s JESUS CHRIST for crying out loud!

      I suspect a plot twist though. OMG. I just figured it out while typing this!

      SPOILER: Arnie’s character is the main villain who conspires to have Sly locked up with him, so he can help Arnie escape. Caviezel is a Red Herring!

      • ruth says:

        Ahah, funny you mentioned his role as Christ. As he’s said in various interviews that his role in the Passion of the Christ actually cost him a lot of roles. As you know, a lot of ppl in Hollywood hated that film and Mel isn’t exactly well-loved in that community either.

        It’s too bad as Caviezel is a great actor, I LOVE him in The Thin Red Line, Count of Monte Cristo, Frequency, etc.

        He..he… you should be a screenwriter Shah! That’s a pretty darn good plot twist! 😀

        • Shah Shahid says:

          Oh yea? I think I was ignorant of Industry reactions at the time. I remember the hype around PASSION… but didn’t know it garnered negative attention too. FYI: I love Mel Gibson too. Yea… that’s right!

          I think I’ve inadvertently seen almost everything Caviezel’s done. Even that piece or rotting cow dung with J-Lo. Weird.

          Why thank you. I am a screenwriter. Well was. Huh, can you ever stop being something you were never really paid for in the first place? 😐
          I’m currently going through the whole season of PRISON BREAK… so my head is in that direction. 😉

  2. Anyone remember Tango & Cash? I used to love that movie! Haha. Classic.

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