The Women Of DIL DHADAKNE DO (2015): Best Depictions Of Female Characters In Bollywood

Shah Shahid

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  1. Atiyab says:

    Nice Article and i agree with your thoughts about it, The best thing about Dil Dhadakne Do was the character depth that some of its character had, especially with Priyanka’s character. While the movie has quite modernistic aproach which is hard to digest to people with old ideals (Even my own parents thought that the movie was giving a wrong message) , that aproach is exactly the point that director and writer is trying to show.
    What do you think about that reply and can I have your contact-Email, i need to get in contact with you Shah

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Hi Atiyab,

      Thank you for the well thought out reply. I completely agree with you about everything.
      I even liked the movie’s acknowledge of feminism, while being a movie that has many feminist viewpoints, which are then further discussed by the characters in the movie itself. I found that very amusing and an instance where the writer/director almost writes themselves into the screenplay. Speaking of modernistic aspects of this movie, the relationship between the characters are a very realistic look at husband-wife dynamics, parent-children issues, and just an over all honest approach to all those things in a South Asian (or even otherwise) family.

      Thanks again for the awesome reply Atiyab. My e-mail is

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