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Movie Review: BROKEN CITY (2013)

A dramatic movie where there’s very little drama, and even seeing two amazing actors together on screen doesn’t do anything to redeem the dull story.

Now You See Me Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson Isla Fisher Michael Caine Morgan Freeman Dave Franco Mark Ruffalo 2013 Movie Review

Movie Review: NOW YOU SEE ME – 2013

‘Now You See Me’, is an exciting thriller involving magicians, that`s anything but magical, and asks its audience to suspend way too much disbelief. Check out my Movie Review.

Keanu Reeves in 47 Ronin 2013

Trailer Talk: 47 RONIN (2013)

Keanu Reeves’ ambitious Samurai movie which looks to be another genre mashup involving may fantasy elements and some amazing action!

Trailer Talk: OBLIVION – 2013

Trailer Talk: OBLIVION – 2013

I’m calling OBLIVION to be a mind fuck movie right now. Apocalyptic movie with a massive twist in the end that screws up everything!