TV Series Review: STARGATE: UNIVERSE – Season 2 (2010)

Shah Shahid

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  1. Eric says:

    I was hoping they would get at least 70 episodes in before getting cut. Truly it was a nice piece of sci-fi I’m going to miss. Nothing now can really compare to it.

    Well technically, the series isn’t over. You have to watch Gauntlet real closely. But in short, it’s not really over. Just…well, do you really want to watch them quarrel and be at each other’s throat every week?

    I have to admit within the two seasons, it was jammed packed with a lot of deep symbolism. Lots to really think about as a whole. I guess it’s one of it’s “redeeming” qualities as a franchise, turn an abstract idea into a realistic thought provoking story.

    Who knows? Maybe Sy-fy might be crawling back begging.

    …or a video game.

    (I personally think a video game would come out faster than Sy-fy at the mercy of SGU…I would definitely take bets on that.)

    • Shah Shahid says:

      I too shall miss the SG universe in general. And SGU made is very awesome to experience with a new take.

      Yes. Yes I do want them at each other’s throat every week. lol. If you read the trade news, MGM has discontinued any plans of an SGU or SGA movie as they previously had on the floors. With SGU’s cancelation, the entire franchise has been shelved. There’s still hope, but we’ll see. That’s why the last episode was so prophetic and conveyed the status of the entire franchise in the storyine… as being suspended, but not really over.

      I’m not a gamer, but if a game does well enough to re-start some interest in the franchise… then I’m all for it.

      Thanks for your comments dude…

      • Eric says:

        Yeah, I’ve been following the status very intimately and I will be doing so until there is some headway into this. Not quite sure if I would enjoy the SGA movie; but if it’s a tie in, to everything and SGU, can’t be so bad.

        Last few scenes are really artistically thought through to really bring 1 and 2 closer together. If you’re not quite sure, wait the beginning of Air then Watch the end of Gauntlet.

        I’m not tech expert; but I got a feeling if they revived the series, Eli’s got one hell of a story to tell. It was more or less a 2 pronged attack to the series. One being the filler episodes and the second would be the time slot jumps. I have a feeling the community of Gaters (yeah, I’m call people that…and yeah, I’m one of them) could band together to really produce scripts. Downside being the budget and legal issues…and hiring back everyone including the in-house CGI studio. No less some people have some good fan-fi and thoughts of how Eli would survive the intergalactic trip. Three to forty under stasis shouldn’t be that bad on a million year old ship with damaged systems and minimal power and environmental system capacities…right?

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