Movie Review: Salt (2010)

Shah Shahid

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2 Responses

  1. SJ says:

    Holy jalapenos Batman!!! I couldn’t agree with you more on how AWESOME this movie was!!! I went in going eh just another action flick with Jolie at the helm, I got out going HOLY SHIT!!! Nobody could’ve done as kick-ass a job as she did!!! It was unexpected and the best part was the story didn’t drag, it just kept pulsing and racing forward. I don’t think anyone could’ve or would’ve done as awesome a job as Angelina Jolie did, not even Tom Cruise…considerin’ how he was s’posed to be Salt first. Definitely add this one to my collection :D. I think there’s a sequel in the works too right?

    • TheShah says:

      Sequel? Oh no!

      Yea, this one is a mindless entertainer… and that’s all. Adrenaline flowing discharge of testosterone-like hormones. Nothing more can really be said. Now if they try to make a franchise out of it with sequels… uh-huh. Then it becomes a joke like Segal / Van Damme ‘franchises’… even though those were AWESOME TOO!!

      *crashes from the high…

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