Movie Review: THE WOMAN IN BLACK (2012) – Harry Potter All Grown Up

Shah Shahid

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  1. cinenemablog says:

    “but I find the genre to have become gratuitous and exploitative in the last decade or so.” Well, the genre has always been like that – nudity and exploitation go hand in hand, which is always refreshing and comforting in a way.

    To go so far as to “loathe” horror films, isn’t it a bit TOO much? I mean, I dislike rom-coms for example, I hate them, actually. But I don’t loathe them as there are a few (counting them on the fingers of a hand) that are actually worth watching.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      “refreshing and comforting” lol… I have to agree with that.
      You know, I was going to reply to your comment by pointing out the things I don’t like about the Horror genre. I realized that the words I was going to use, (predictable, similar, cliche, overused, formulaic, etc) can be applied to any genre really that’s been around for as long as Horror has. And I have no apprehension about those other genres.

      So given that there’s no objective way for me to defend ‘why’ I dislike / loathe Horror (I used ‘loathe’ as a synonym for ‘hate’ by the way, since I don’t really have varying degrees of ‘hate’) the simplest answer is, it doesn’t appeal to me personally.
      It was my mistake trying to justify that with reasons in my post… Apologies.

      I do watch the occasional Horror, but it has to be above and beyond ‘just another horror movie’ and something has to stick out, for me to pay attention. Like the above movie was.

      • cinenemablog says:

        Well, that makes sense. How do you feel about rom-coms, then? 🙂

        • Shah Shahid says:

          Similarly actually. I usually go ‘ugh’ everytime I see the Trailer for one. Unless it has stars I like, or something else going for it.

          I ‘ugh’d at CRAZY STUPID LOVE, but ended up loving it. Was a plane viewing. 😐

  2. CMrok93 says:

    Not the scariest thing in the world, but still has some spooks here and there to really get you in the mood. Good review Shah.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Thanks man. It’s not the scariest, but I was engaged, which is very difficult to do to me in this genre. Especially considering how slow it was.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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