Movie Review: THE RAID (SERBUAN MAUT) – 2011

Shah Shahid

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6 Responses

  1. Tyson Carter says:

    Good stuff Shah. Loved this 🙂

  2. zackmandell says:

    Fantastic movie review. I have heard great things about this movie. It is probably time I buckled down and watched it.

  3. Martin Larsson says:

    “However, THE RAID… keeps the realism intact, as our characters, (as well as the actors, one has to believe) are literally dropping dead from exertion after each action sequence.” – Eh, no 🙂 This is in no way a realistic film, even not if you just look at the action alone. Take for example the last big fight between what’s-his-name with long hair and the other two guys. This goes on *forever*. The long hair dude even gets a broken strip light jammed into his neck AND CONTINUES TO FIGHT! WTF? 🙂 A more realistic action movie would have been: one hard kick in the stomach and you won’t be able to even move for the next ten minutes. I would like to see *that*!

    “This man must make his way through 15 floors of jaw dropping beat downs in order to rescue the members of his team and make it out alive” – This is indeed one of the selling points of the movie. The trailer even makes a big deal out of it (although there seem to be some confusion about how many action packed floors we’re actually dealing with: However, this was something I was very disappointed with, because in reality, the movie really only takes place in maybe three of the floors, and the characters never really say things like “Okay, we’re on the tenth floor. Only five left.” which could have helped to set the stage. Also, it would have been really cool of each floor had its own unique setting, forcing the characters to fight in different ways. Instead, it’s only knife-goes-in-gut-comes-out forever 😛

    I thing this movie had potential. With a better script, and some more imagination from the choreographer it could have been great, because you can tell that the actors really know how to fight.

    So, meh…

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Again, I cannot disagree with you at all. This is not a movie the creativity and rationale of which I will defend when criticized. It’s just mindless entertainer. For me anyways.

      I agree that more creativity would definitely have helped. More interactive environment to make the sequences more engaging. But I feel they were going for ‘beat you over the head with a 14 minute fight scene’ than any sort of ground breaking action. Maybe I don’t watch enough obscure action films to not be impressed by this, but I was.

      I found the dull and dragged out fight scenes to be better than the mainstream and commercial ones which are so choreographed that you can notice continuity and directional errors between the takes. Guy gets roundhoused on his right, then falls… to his right. And so on.

      Thanks for the comment man. Appreciate it.

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