QUANTICO (2015) Should Not Be Considered An Achievement For Priyanka Chopra

Shah Shahid

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3 Responses

  1. Interesting take. I guess ‘exploitation’ works both ways: PC gets a foot in the Hollywood door and the show gets a chunk of South Asian eyeballs. I would think Anil Kapoor’s casting in 24 was also for the same reasons?

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Oh of course. However, Anil Kapoor played a supporting role as a South Asian character in a show where his role wasn’t the primary character.
      PC is the lead of ‘Quantico’, and the marketing machine has plastered her face everywhere in North America. Not that it’s a bad thing. Obviously has worked out very well for herself and ABC.

  1. March 4, 2016

    […] given the international attention Chopra has received with ‘Quantico‘, it should be interesting to see her in a movie that goes against the grain of the usual […]

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