Movie Review: PREMIUM RUSH (2012)

Shah Shahid

Cinephile. Bollywood Connoisseur. Attempted Writer & Editor at Host of Split Screen Podcast (@splitscreen_pod). Member of the Twitterati @theshahshahid. Diagnosed w ADH-- look a dust bunny!

9 Responses

  1. Samuel Asamoah says:

    Awesome review brother. A JGL time filler at best. Don Jon looks interesting though.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Thanks for the comment Samuel.

      I’m really looking forward to DON JON! Love it when good actors try writing / directing. Always intriguing to see what they can do on the other side of the camera.

  2. This film looks ridiculous. I must see it now!

    • Shah Shahid says:

      I was expecting serious-ness from JGL, probably why I hated this. But if you watch expecting silly awesome-ness… you might enjoy it.

      Thanks for stopping by…

  3. ruth says:

    Even w/ JGL n Shannon, I can’t muster up any interest in seeing this one Shah.

  4. i think i would enjoy this as much as I do folks that won’t stay in the bike lane.

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