Movie Review: MAN OF STEEL (2013) – Superman For A New Generation

Shah Shahid

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  1. Natasha Harmer says:

    Great review! 😀 The more reviews I read, the more I want to see this film, and superhero films usually aren’t my thing!

  2. Best review I’ve read on the web. Honest as well as insightful. Good read

  3. sanclementejedi says:

    Shah, I have not read the other 2 guys portion of our review yet, but it seems you liked this a bit more than I did. I dug the origin story and the wandering Clark Kent/flashback sequences. I also felt that Costner stole every scene he was in.
    On the other hand I felt there was zero chemistry between Clark and Lois, Shannon simply seemed to either be yelling or staring at things and the action looked like something out of one of the later Matrix films mixed with Michael Bay’s wet dream.
    I was really on board with this film till General Zod showed up in his spaceship and the then the films narrative was ditched in favor of a lot of punching of things followed by even more punching.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Like Clark’s entire life, the thing about this movie is simply this: choice. As an audience, we can choose to forgive, or be spurned by the things we didn’t like about this movie.

      I liked it. However, I mirror every other critic’s reasons for not liking it. So I get exactly what you mean. I didn’t comment on the Clark & Lois chemistry, because a) there was none & b) it didn’t really matter to me. I’ve never been wowed by their relationship. It’s never been about ‘a love that transcends’ or any of that. Lane has a severe damsel in distress personality, stemming from daddy issues, so she falls in love with Superman (not Clark in the original mythos mind you) simply because he’s the only guy who can ‘take care of her’, evident by the constant saving. In MOS, I felt like they got together simply because they were supposed to. I did like Adams portrayal of Lane though.

      I really liked Zod’s line during the last fight scene, about being bred as a soldier. So I think that really explains his maniacal behaviour. He’s been genetically engineered to be a soldier for Krypton’s best interest. Everything he does is an intended or unintentional by product of that. I liked that his motivations were NOT just driven by revenge or personal vendetta. ( I should’ve wrote this review a few days later. lol. )

      I actually thought of The Matrix during this. I felt the last fight scene was what we wanted, but never got during the last 2 Matrix movies. Thanks for commenting and RT’ing man. It’s a always a pleasure. Sorry for the rant. :p

  4. Stan the Movie Man says:

    The Kryptonian on Kryptonian fights went on a bit long and the resolution of the Kal-El and Zod final battle was a bit jarring; however, I thought it was a pretty good start to what is I hope a DC movie universe that has at least half the success of Marvel.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Maybe my forgiveness of the mis steps of this movie, come from what you just said. That I WANT it to be good. For Superman and for DC.

      I thought the fight scenes were necessary to show Superman’s inexperience. That’s how I took it anyways. The first fight, he gets his ass kicked. Later scenes had him slowly learnning and rebounding from taking hits. At least there were no slo-mo, one shot scenes, as I totally expected from Snyder.

  5. ruth says:

    Awesome Shah! Glad we agree on the rating on this one.

    “Making a story about an almost God-like character like Superman takes more than special effects and technology. It takes heart.” Nicely put and this film has a lot of heart I think.

    As for Cavill not being given much to display his acting chops, I actually think he’s given enough to showcase his versatility. I like that he’s able to show Superman’s vulnerability w/ his em, ass-kicking ability 😀 I’m sure he’ll get to do much more in the sequels though, and w/ him, the franchise is off to a great start!!

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Hey Ruth,

      Thanks for stopping by. I liked Cavill as Superman. I think he did as much as he could within the scope. And I hope it does become a ‘franchise’ so we can see more from Cavill. Sure I’d love him battling his ‘darker’ self ala SUPERMAN II. But I’ll take what I can get. He definitely fits the bill though. I’m glad you pointed out the Diane Lane scene, ‘cuz that stuck with me too.

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