Movie Review: EDGE OF TOMORROW (2014)

Shah Shahid

Cinephile. Bollywood Connoisseur. Attempted Writer & Editor at Host of Split Screen Podcast (@splitscreen_pod). Member of the Twitterati @theshahshahid. Diagnosed w ADH– look a dust bunny!

4 Responses

  1. Definitely a great action blockbuster! I enjoyed this so much. The light humor you mention is something that made it so much fun and broke up the repetition. Well done and executed film that more people need to watch. Nice review!

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Thanks for stopping by man.
      Definitely more people need to see this. I would think a movie like this would have a bigger audience given it’s familiar premise.

  2. Wendell says:

    I really liked this movie. It was such a fun ride, I got swept up in it all. Nice review.

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