Media Accountability. Parents’ Responsibility

Shah Shahid

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  1. Natasha Harmer says:

    great article! Agreed, there is a lot of objectification of women in the West, probably more of it in Hollywood than in Bollywood.
    Rather than pointing fingers they should be dealing with said rapists, not trying to pawn off excuses on various influences; ie film.
    Baudrillard talks a lot about this, and how society is slowly finding it more and more difficult to decipher the difference between reality and representation because of our reliance on hyperreality for violent video games, films ect taint our ability to know what’s real and what’s representation. I suppose that has something to do with it, certain people in society might end up thinking the things they see in films (like rape, objectification etc) are acceptable in reality. Personally I think there’s no excuse for horrible behaviour be it rape, murder or just general violence…anyone of sane mind should be able to tell the difference between what’s OK in a film and what’s acceptable to do in real life.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Thanks for the comment Tash.
      I completed agree. And again, the root of the issue comes back to parenting. With the evolution of the Television and movies, and child-centric channels and movies, parents have become entirely too reliant to let the TV raise their kids. Especially with misleading concepts such as ‘educational programming’, which serves the same purpose as spending an hour with the kid discussing life, nature, teaching them the alphabet, etc. But the latter builds social and communication skill along with a better bond between parent and child. THAT is where the difficulty in distinction comes into play, when we let our kids watch more TV than talk to them.

      I’ll stop. I have to dedicate a whole 3 other Articles to this series. Gotta save the good stuff. 😉

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