How AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Failed The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Shah Shahid

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  1. Mike says:

    You’re not wrong, this was my problem with the movie as well. No connection, no answers and very few new threads. Specifically, I didnt expect the movie to end with Tony and Cap being besties…

    The movie felt like a sequel to Avengers, and not a movie that came out 3 years later with a whole slew of story between. And while I understand that Marvel doesnt expect everyoen to watch Agents of SHIELD, I feel those who do tune into marvels weekly adventures deserve some kind of pay off.. We watched them chase down struckor and his experimentations all season! They finally find where he is and we learn he was successful with 2 experiments! Then boom, no explanation. No “where did you get this info?” even. Nothing mentioned on SHIELD concerning the twins. Nothing.

    In fact, SHIELDs season finale had me more hyped than I was at the end of Ultron. More set up, more pay off, more interconnected with the new big universe they had fleshed out with inhumans… AoU was able to mutter “had some friends mothball it” and thats the closest we get to a AoS tie in. And the lack of stinger… common. People have come to expect that and look forward to it. To not include something was an enormous let down and left the movie feeling even less complete.

    And I completely agree on Vision. So unfortunate. That said, Bruce Banner was gone at the end of the movie… so no showing him scanning Vision or anything like that. Kind of a big deal lol.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Hey Mike, wow… thank for the incredibly well thought out response. And thanks for reading.

      I forgot about Banner`s `Planet Hulk`-like self exile. lol. But any scene with some scientists checking Vision out would at least have acknowledged that we`ll get a better explanation of his powers.

      I realize Marvel TV & Movie universes can`t openly ingtermingle, but I would rather a few lines of exposition in a movie tying them in, instead of a 5 minute chase/fight scene on top of a truck. Prioritize dammit!

      Thanks again for commenting! Feel free to subscribe to the site for more Marvel musings like this. 😀

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