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  1. mhuard5 says:

    I agree with most of what you say, but if you honestly go into a Michael Bay movie and expect any sort of plot you will be disappointed 10/10 times. I have friends that worked on these films and they have stories of how uninterested Bay is in anything other than banging the female leads and blowing up their hard work.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      I don’t expect genius from Michael Bay. You’re right.
      However, I do expect entertainment… the likes of BAD BOYS 1 & 2, and even the first Transformers movie.
      What I’ve been getting recently is crap on celluloid.
      And now the TMNT Fiasco. 😐

  2. No Namae says:

    Can’t agree more about the continuity of the movies..!
    This whole movie was just a bunch of blast here and there and only for showing how powerful is the God damn US army against alien robots.

    The second and the third movie was made for brainwashing children with ages below 12 yo, like they brainwash the people by made some movies about Vietnam war and US was won by the end of the movie, which was not true with the whole of historical facts!

    Now, after these third “succeed” movie, they want to do the 4th? I’m getting sick and doubt of this franchise! I do love the first movie and Bay made a great changes on the robots compare to G1 style, but after I watch the second and third? I’m not sure there will be a great changes on the forth.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Yea…. I agree.
      What’s even more amazing is that the typical movie-goer actually paid to see the 3rd one, despite the travesty of the 2nd.
      No wonder Bay continues to bastardize beloved childhood shows… as he’s now doing with TMNT.

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