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Shia LeBeouf, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Jessica Chastain, Guy Pearce in Lawless 2012 18

Movie Review: LAWLESS (2012)

A potentially great movie, completely ruined by the character written for, and performed in his typically trademark whiny manner by Shia LeBeouf.


Movie Review: LIMITLESS (2011)

A typical Bradley Cooper movie, with an innovative gimmick and action packed fun, all of which can’t take away from the contradictory premise.

Takers 2010 Hollywood Movie 2

Movie Review: TAKERS (2010)

My excitement to see the cool ensemble cast doesn’t take away from realizing that TAKERS is another formulaic heist gone wrong film, despite it’s entertaining nature.

argo movie review 11

Ramblin’ Movie Review: ARGO – 2012

Considered one of the best movies of 2012, I take a look at Director Ben Affleck starring ARGO. Based on a True Declassified Story, ARGO is probably Affleck’s only bad directorial movie. Find out why…