Movie Review: JAB TAK HAI JAAN (2012)

Shah Shahid

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  1. Kathy says:

    You summed up JTHJ’s multitude of problems nicely, Shahid. It’s hard to watch this movie without wanting to stab oneself several dozen times. If only I could give myself amnesia and forget having ever seen this. But then some quack doctor would give the go-ahead to my loved ones to act out some pretend life story in order to provoke me to remember this stupid movie again anyway. Argh! Where’d I put my knife?

  2. Keyur Seta says:

    Very smartly expressed again Shahid. Apart from me only Kathy and you have listed the stupidity of this movie. I guess all the famous critics gave a big thumbs up to this one out of sympathy for the late Yash Chopra.
    No doubt, we also have the same respect and felt the same sorrow when he passed away but I am glad people like us can’t shy away from calling a spade a spade!
    Here’s my take on it –

    Cheers 🙂

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Really? Wow. That’s a little surprising. The other day I saw a repeat of an Awards show where Anushka Sharma won for Best Supporting Actress, beating out some people that ACTUALLY deserved it.

      JTHJ was horrible. I will remember Yash Chopra through his various other films, which miles ahead of some of the crap we see, even to this day. I had my issues with VEER-ZAARA. I thought it was released in the wrong decade. But JTHJ for me, was not a Yash Chopra movie. I have to wonder how his health during shooting affected the final cut.

      • Keyur Seta says:

        Lol! Yes. I was hugely surprised too after I read many reviews after writing mine. I agree, it doesn’t look like a Yash Chopra movie at all!

  3. meeradarjiyr1 says:

    Just watched this film the other, and I totally agree with you. I really didn’t like it! Great review!

  4. Marc Winger says:

    Anything that’s a ripoff of the Hurt Lock, a horrible movie (upon re-examination) despite it’s awards, is dead on arrival. Refreshing honesty on your part, Mr. Shahid. (Following you via my RSS reader, I can’t stand WordPress’ reader thing. It sucks.)

    • Shah Shahid says:

      Whoa whoa there Marc, I liked THE HURT LOCKER, although, I haven’t re-examined or revisited since its release, so can’t defend it too strongly right now. I just meant that, that badass quality that Jeremy Renner portrayed in that movie, was adapted into a quality given to the lead character of this Bollywood movie. Only with a more convulated back story.

      Thanks for the comment and for following Marc. It’s rare to have non-Indian audiences read and comment on my Bollywood reviews. With some rare exceptions of course.

      • Marc Winger says:

        I would think it’s rare, as you say, because there are so many movies that Western movie goers just go ahead & stick with what they know. Which is what I’ve done, in the past. There’s more kindness & innocence in Indian movies, that I detect – & a different quality. I like to branch out every so often & since India has allied itself to us so closely I’ve been planning on seeing what’s going on. I find classic Japanese movies to be very good & am guilty of being a Japanese anime’ fanatic. As far as Hurt Locker, I initially liked it, but have come to despise Renner with all the loathing in my heart. I find him an opportunist & a “star-wannabe”, following “all the correct routes” to be a star. He makes me ill & I’ve post more than a few commentaries on his character. Also, the greed of the estate attached to Hurt Locker is astounding. Hurt Locker, as a whole package, is reviled by more than just myself. The swaggering dimwit (Renner) is just one of it’s most hideous aspects. See what happens when I get started on my pet peeve? Though not a fan of musicals or melodramas, there must be straight to the point drama Indian movies & I hope to explore the situation this Summer. 🙂 (Oops, there I go again, running off at the mouth!)

        • Shah Shahid says:

          Not at all Marc. I appreciate the rant. I’ve been guilty myself of a few. Despite being South Asian, my film background is Canadian. So I watch Indian films with a North American perspective, imagining if I could recommend this to my non South Asian friends. A lot of my Bollywood reviews are written with that perspective, while others are more for the existing Bollywood fans. There are many Indian movies these days without the typical qualities known to the West as ‘Indian Cinema’. some even rival mainstream Hollywood, in my opinion, in terms of storytelling. Surprisingly, there are a number of Bollywood movies ‘remade’ from Hollywood. This will be a focus of a new feature I will be starting soon. So stay tuned! (shameless plug)

          If you’re interested, I did a piece back in the day about how, despite everyone thinking Bollywood is a ‘musical’ genre, that term means two totally different things in our two different Film Industries. It’s a bit of a rant also.

          I am slowly becoming interested in Asian films. I want to revisit some old Kurosawa classics, OLDBOY is one of my favourites, INFERNAL AFFAIRS is on my list after THE DEPARTED. I’m not as educated in Film Industries outside of Hollywood & Bollywood, but I usually go by recommendations so feel free to hit me up with some.

          I see what you mean about Renner. I can see him coming off as douchebaggy. He’s become the go to guy for franchise replacements, such as MISSION IMPOSSIBLE and the BOURNE films. I remember during THE HURT LOCKER Oscar noms, they made a big deal out of how long he’d been in the Industry, and didn’t get much kudos until that movie. I could care less. I think he’s a decent enough actor, maybe not enough to carry a movie on his own though. Agree to disagree here?

          • Marc Winger says:

            It’s unnatural for everyone to agree, at all times, so yes we can disagree. I won’t go on about Renner, at this time. He’s a fraud & I don’t care.
            I’ll definitely follow your above link later about musicals.

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