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An incarnation of this site originally was created as an experiment for myself to write more; to overcome the blank page blues. As a writer, the most intimidating thing to me was being rendered motionless over that blank page. Too focused on writing the most perfect thing; too worried about writing the worst. Aptly titled, ‘Blank Page Beatdown’ was created so what I could get over that fear, and beat it back to the darkness from whence it came.

While relatively successful in doing that, the website in the meantime has developed into a place for thoughts, opinions, criticisms and well thought out raves about every film, TV, comic and Bollywood experience that I have. It’s become my passion and obsession and a place for film & TV reviews, previews, news and discussions.  So jump in join and the madness.

And for the Writers out there: keep beating down that blank page.

Shah Who?

Shah is a Freelance Writer of all mediums, specializing in anything and everything to do with Film & Television. As a South Asian growing up on Bollywood films, but instructed in filmmaking by Canadian standards and spending half his life in North America, Shah’s Movie Reviews and analysis of films are based on a general sense of enjoyment and quality.

His Bollywood reviews are conducted from a general film goer’s perspective, with no accommodations made for the infamous style of the industry itself, (random songs & dances) but an basis of judgement that can appeal to any international audience, Bollywood fan or otherwise.

The Site

Blank Page Beatdown is a website for fans of Movies, Superheroes, Sci-Fi, Television, Comics & Bollywood. We cover the latest previews and in depth trailer breakdowns for upcoming Hollywood & Bollywood movies.

The monthly Trailer Talk feature provides the latest trailers of movies releasing each month from both Bollywood & Hollywood, along some knee jerk reactions and insight into each film, to determine which is worth a watch.


Shah’s Reviews have had universal appeal and have even been applauded by the filmmakers and subjects of the Reviews themselves.

Milan Luthria, director of ‘The Dirty Picture’ personally appreciating Shah’s Review of his film.

Anu Menon, director of ‘London Paris New York’ responding to Shah’s Review of her movie.

Director Shoojit Sircar, and writer Juhi Chaturvedi, of ‘Vicky Donor’ retweets Shah’s Review of their film. 


Director of English Vinglish’ Gauri Shinde, and producer of ‘Paa‘, retweets Shah’s Review.


The iconic Bollywood superstar Anil Kapoor retweets Shah’s Review of his movie ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ to his 979,000 followers!


The Podcast

The Split Screen Podcast is the official podcast of this site. The show compares and analyzes movies that are adaptations of other works, directly with the source material that they were inspired by. The goal is to essentially determine how good or bad the adaptations were and, most excitingly, going off on long winded, expletive laced rants when they’re bad.

The realm of these films contain adaptions of novels, comic books, other films or TV shows, or any other movies that were directly inspired by another piece of work.

Split Screen will also introduce the world to a mother load of Indian, a.k.a., Bollywood movies that were ‘inspired’ by classic and cult films of Hollywood and other film industries, sometimes with hilarious cinematic results!

Tweet your suggestions for remakes you want to see discussed on the show on twitter, or reach out to me directly if you, or anyone you know may be interested in appearing on the show. 

Follow Split Screen Podcast on Twitter: @splitscreen_pod

For all episodes of the Split Screen Podcast click here.

For Filmmakers

Having been part of the filmmaking industry as a struggling maker myself, I am always interested in featuring and providing exposure to films and up and coming filmmakers. If you are interested in being featured or having your work reviewed on Blank Page Beatdown, please contact me directly through the contact form here or my direct e-mail below.

Email Shah: shah@blankpagebeatdown.com


This site is as much for its fans as it is for the love of film and television, so without your engagement, we wouldn’t be here. So please comment, share and take part in the discussions featured here.

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8 Responses

  1. I see you call yourself a writer/director 😉

    Loved your review/description of Mangal Pandey. Have to confess, Indian/British history fascinates me. It’s important in learning to understand your country, and I would love to return.

    • Shah Shahid says:

      I went to college for Film… so I’m allowed to call myself a Director. 😉

      And the ‘writer’ bit, is more of an adjective than a proper noun. I write… therefore am a write-r. It makes no inferences as to the quality or validity of what it is I write.

      Thanks for your comment. I completely agree with you. Living in Bangladesh for last 2 years, after 15 years in Canada… I’m getting a unique perspective now as well. If you like Indian/British History… an Indian film you MUST watch is RANG DE BASANTI.

      It’s a fictional movie set in modern times (2006), about a British girl returning to India in order to shoot a documentary about the British Raj… and how the Indian youth she enlists help from get caught up in their own, until now, unknown history and how that drives them to change their own world today. It’s brilliant in every respect.

      Apologies… I get carried away at times with this stuff. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Leena says:

    Hi Shah,
    I am trying to find a contact information for you but I cannot see any email address. I saw a thread on some random website regarding starting a desi radio station in Toronto that plays music 24/7 unlike a few sad allotted hours we have right now.
    Please get in touch if possible

  3. meeradarjiyr1 says:

    Hi, I’ve awarded you the Dragons Loyalty Award http://meeradarjiyr1.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/dragons-loyalty-award/

  4. Natasha Harmer says:

    Just nominated you for the Liebster Award 🙂 http://natashaharmeryear1.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/liebster-award/

  5. Niejan says:

    It’s always nice to see another ‘Shah’ around here. 😀 Nice blog. I especially like your TV series reviews. Keep them coming!

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